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Server shutting down.

Hey all, with regret i have to inform you that this server is shouting down because unpaid host bills.
Thank you all for all your support and sorry that i have disappointed you.
If can pay and bring back the server i will let you know. Have a good day and sorry again!

Server Update

This update contains the following changes:All Dragon Quest items has been removed and replaced with Adena and Undercurrent Coin. Please read the DQ System Guide Here60 Vote Points now worth 120 Cubi
9/1/2018 | READ MORE

Update 11 - Rebalance

Hi!- Until next Monday we will have a promotion for the Supper Rank 8 Shard and Excalibur Bless Box. Please check the Promotion Tab Shop.- New Tome Available at Excalibur Merchant that will give Assas
8/23/2018 | READ MORE

Update 10-11

Patch 10Not much to see here :)Updated guild icons.Fixed skin on rank 8 Cloned.Changed west city floor to fit more with the design.:)Patch 11- Updated guild icons and fixed rank 9 r 3 exchange to rank
8/15/2018 | READ MORE