Server Update

This update contains the following changes:

All Dragon Quest items has been removed and replaced with Adena and Undercurrent Coin. Please read the DQ System Guide Here60 Vote Points now worth 120 Cubi Gold and 100 Donation points now worth 250 Cubi Gold.Added Dull Profaned Wood in vote and donation shop.Premium Rank 8 now sells for 3000 Donation points permanent. The price is high because Interval is easy enough to get from normal rank 8 npc but is harder for magical classes and an mg for example with instant cast will be very fun to play. Plus it has the skin changed.New pvp event at 18:00 PM 12:00 and midnight server time. Rewards are Mysterious Boxs the ones you get by doing UCH. The items are not drop-able in that map and you don't need to be white name to join.

Tank battle rewards changed:1st will get 15 Gold Fusion Stone2nd will get 10 and 3rd 5 rest below that.

Thank you!